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Hello everyone! One more week till Arashi's Tour Ballot Results will be released!! To keep me preoccupied, I'm here with another entry for the shiyagare food trip

Picked a recent episode which I found interesting as this featured Pasta! and I am interested with the ones in Shinjuku, Aoyama and Yokohama!

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last August 19, 2017

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No Flower Blooms Instantly

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:58 pm
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I'm kind of sleepy today since lots of things happened today, but I really want to share this since having a negative post as the latest post on my journal doesn't sound nice, and I believe that me seeing this today isn't a coincidence as well.
"With the strength to not lose to yourself, you can break through any wall"

Taken from latest Music Station, Arashi's Fight Song performance

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TL;DR, in summary:
- I was almost late for my coding lab, making me uneasy. Yet with a calm mind, I could finish my lab.
- I went to the wrong classroom and had to run to make it into my class. But in the end, I still made it.
- I twisted my ankle. But with my friend staying behind with me, the pain gradually decreased.

What I want to convey is that no matter what happened, there will definitely a great mean behind it as long as we don't give up.
Okie! FIGHT-O, IRENE >o<)9

This is why we love Johnny's boys

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:41 pm
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One of my favorite moments.

Variety shows are always fun to watch especially those from J&A. This is another thing I love about them, they show who they really are. Their funny antics and everything.

Plus, a funny cm won't hurt...

Let the videos speak for themselves.
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Hello everyone!

Here is this week's NEWS ZERO. We included the beginning comment about North Korea, Sho-san's interview with volleyball player Yanagida-san, Ralph-san fanboy comment, and the comment on the 9/11 commemoration.

As before, some parts are MQ stretched to HQ, but most of it is real HQ

NEWS ZERO (2017.09.11)

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If you want to translate it into your language, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to give you the raw + softsub to work on :)
Thanks as always to [personal profile] arashitranslation for letting me use her work, please support her by visiting her Facebook page.
You can also follow me on Twitter to get updates on the subs.

SixTones with KAT-TUN's Peak

Sep. 17th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Probably the best cover so far.

Haven't heard KAT-TUN in a very long time but this video just brings back so many memories. Hearing them sing together, they sound a lot like KAT-TUN back when they were complete.

Murakami Shingo!

Sep. 17th, 2017 01:47 pm
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Why is stressed Murakami Shingo so funny to watch. He puts a slice of fun in my crazy day! Haha

Atsujun desu

Sep. 16th, 2017 12:37 pm
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When you're this handsome and you don't even bother covering up your blemishes anymore because it doesn't even matter with a face like this

Happy 5x18 minna-san!

A Long Exciting Commute

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:48 pm
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It's finally Friday! Haven't really had time to come to LJ/DW much since SKULE has started but IT'S FINALLY WEEKEND! WOOHOO~

Today, I had my longest commute since I kept missing my bus transfer~ it usually takes me around 2 hours, yet today it took me 3.5 hours XDD
But even so! I enjoyed that 3.5 hours!

I was initially planning to redo a problem from today's tutorial when I got home. The problem got me confused, yet I felt like I could try something about it~ so I went home a little after my last class ended. It took me around 1.5 hours to go from Toronto to Mississauga, which is pretty usual around that hour~ then I went to get a bubble tea. This was when the transfer got messed up XDD

One of the buses I should take home should have come at 8:15 yet it hasn't come till 8:30. I then decided to take another route, a longer one, as the other bus has come before the bus I was waiting for. Got into that bus, arrived at my next bus stop at 8:40, transferred to another bus at 8:55, arrived at next bus stop at 9:05. This is when it became even longer XD

The bus I should take should've come at 9:08, yet that bus didn't come. The next one should be coming at 9:35, so I waited while listening to my ipod~ I never sing loud at home, but I was alone at that stop, so I sang to my heart content XD the song played was mostly Arashi songs: Bolero!, One Love, Monster, Meikyuu Love Song, Happiness, GUTS!, and Endless Game, Tackey & Tsubasa song: Yume Monogatari, and some anime soundtracks: Kizuna by Angela (K Return of Kings Ending Song) and Hashire! Mirai by GLAY (Ace of Diamond Opening Song)~ I don't even know how loud my voice was, but that was really fun!
9:35 had passed, bus still hadn't come. It finally came at 9:45 and that was the end of my 40 mins karaoke XDD

Riding the bus home and nearing my stop, I asked if the driver mind dropping me on a junction which is closer to my place, AND HE SAID OK! He even sent me off with a smile, which made me really happy! >v<

And as I was walking home, another great thing happened: I SAW A BUNNY! I've been here for 2 years but never once have I seen a bunny that's not running away from me (well, it did avoid me a bit, BUT I GOT TO GET A LITTLE BIT CLOSE TO IT! Around 3 meters distance XD). I took pictures of it, but since it was pretty far and that it would run away had I approached it, I zoomed in when taking its pictures~ it didn't want to look at me initially XD

As I was about to leave, I kind of thanked it for not running away and asked if it would look at me and let me take a picture of it facing me, and guess what, IT ACTUALLY LOOKED INTO MY CAMERA!!! Still in 3 meters distance YET IT ACTUALLY LOOKED HERE!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I know the picture is a bit blurry and the fact that it looked at me was merely a pure coincidence, but I'm still really happy! >V<

And that's the end of my 3.5 hours commute today~
It was a really great long commute! And I've lost all my energy when I got home, will probably redo my problem tomorrow XD
Thank you so much for tonight! It was really fun >v<;

The Key

Sep. 16th, 2017 12:33 pm
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Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto

Genre: fluff, smut (a teeny bit)

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi - this is all fiction

Warning: Contains mention of BDSM

Summary: It had started as soon as the electricity went off. Satoshi had instigated a game of hide and seek in the complete darkness. It was no child’s game though, this game had consequences.

Note: So I found this lurking in an old folder on a USB stick. I think I probably wrote it about a year ago and never got around to posting it and after reading it you might agree that it should have remained unposted but it's too late now. Bahahahahah.

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This is my first time writing in DW and since today is Arashi anniversary day based on their Hawaii debut date so this is an perfect excuse to celebrate it with an Arashi post lol

Well I saw this post few times and I wanna give it a shot but since 'lazyness' is my middle name i have yet written it

And I think this 18 questions is so perfect for celebrating their 18th anniversary..Geez Arashi you are an adult now lol

Here we go!!

1. What year did you became an Arashian?
Hard question urgh,,,what count you as an arashi fan..I watched their variety and drama kind of regularly since 2005 (?) but I only tried listening their song 2009, although I liked to listen Truth when it was released :D I blame my friend for the reason why I didn't give it a try to their songs since she said Arashi music is idol type so don't expect much..oh well I m glad I listen to them a lot now

2. Which member baited you and how?
Could I say I was Arashi baited? I watched Gokusen prior that but I have no idea Jun is in Arashi and not bothered to check about him so when my friend showed me their shows in Utaban, D no Arashi and TSD Aiba with the kangaroo I got hooked immediately lol. "What with this group who are so weird and funny but apparently a Johnnys group too" :D then I thought Aiba was so funny with the kangaroo and I didn't know why i didn't realized about Jun only thinking this guy was familiar lol...Sorry Jun your face maybe was changed a little bit lol
hm,, so maybe I can say I m Aiba baited or Arashi baited lol

3. Who is your ichiban when you started? & if you changed, who is your ichiban now?
Always Abang..kyaa..when I got introduced my friend gave me a lil bit trivia about all the members and I just amazed when she said Sho graduated on time while juggling his work and study in the same time..Seems shallow rite? maybe I just wanted more motivation to balance my studies and activities lol
But the more I know the more I admired him so Sho is still my ichiban :D

4. What was your first concert when you became a fan?
Arashi Around ASia 2008 in Seoul. I was lucky when I was an student exchange in Korea Arashi went to Seoul for concert in two days so I bothered my Korean friend to booked the ticket for me and my friend :D
I was hesitated for not watching them at first since I didn't really listen or know their songs or watch their concerts dvd before. But my friend said why not going since we would breathed the same air with Arashi lol. AND IT WAS THe BEST DECISION EVER!! Their concert was amazing!! I was mind-blown and Arashi officially ruining other artists concerts expectation haha and the best thing was I could saw them so close!!
Although I was confused why they had their solo songs in Concert too and most of the time I only could smile like crazy because i had no idea with most of the songs they performed there except HYD ost, Happiness and Truth and oh A.ra.shi. /run


5. Emoticon your Arashi rank?
Rrr.. what is this? can I skip it? lol

6. Your first Arashi official merchandise?
AAA light-stick. At first i didnt wanna buy it because I didn't see what was the point having a light-stick lol and I was late for the 1st day but i bought it in 2nd day after seeing how pretty it was waving the light-stick in the concert haha. Dont ask me where it's now :(

7. Fav Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode)?
AAA 2008, 5x10 concert, and Arafes 2012.. i cant choose between those three. The first two concert was so emotional for me since those year finally Arashi reached their top status and I always feel it from those two :( The other reason is they performed Truth there <3

9. Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has helped you and has been your source of strength?
Sho's rap part in Believe!! I really love the lyrics so much!! I m not really bothered with songs lyrics usually but when i listened Believe while reading the translation I got hooked especially with the rap part. And it really gives me strength when i feel lost or down..sigh

Ittai nani o shiteirundarou
Ittai nani o miteirundarou
Ittai nani ni ikiteirundarou
"Boku wa mou..." Aa mou soumatou no you
Chiisai puraido mamoru tame dareka o fui ni kizutsukeru
Kinou mo kyou mo kyou mo sou darou ga kyou wa kyou de douka shiyou

Zujou ni yuuzen to hatameku bakuzen to shita yume o kakage
Kono michi no saki wa madamada miezu shippai kara shika nani hitotsu manabezu
Sora no mukou koeru tame no kono jinsei no yokuyou
Ano koro no mirai mukai jidai ni kitai sezu mo susumu my life


What exactly am I doing?
What exactly am I looking at?
What exactly am I living through?
"I'm already..." Ah, already my life is flashing before me
Unintentionally hurting someone for the sake of protecting my tiny pride
It's the same yesterday and today and today - today I'll do something about today

Calmly I'll raise my obscure dreams up high
I can't see what's beyond this road yet, the only way I'll learn is through mistakes
The cadence of this life exists so I can cross to the other side of the sky
Facing the future I had back then, my life moves forward with no expectations for this age

souce: taijiproject livejournal
^I miss her translation :(

10. TOP 5 favorite Arashi Group Songs?
a. Truth. enough said
b. Tokei jikake no umbrella ( i was so happy they performed it in Arafes :D )
c. Miles Away ( their harmonization is pretty)
d. Believe
e. Face Down and Calling ( I m torn between these two :D )

11. TOP 5 fav movies of your ichiban?
Aa this is harrdd..can I include his drama too lol
a. Kazoku game, Sho's best drama!! the story and the acting was great..
b. Kisarazu cat's eye, great youth drama
c. Nazodi, the story is dumb but his chemistry with Keiko is good
d. Blackboard SP- The story was so heartbreaking and he was so skinny here
d. Tokio. A warm and bittersweet family drama

Cant wait for Abang's next drama!! Hope it would be great :D

(Lol I made the list while opening his wiki page :D )

12. Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?
Ohno: Song for me, Top secret ( and Hung up on since it's yama collaboration teehee)
Sho: Rolling days and Taboo, though I have soft spot too for Hip Pop Boogie
Aiba: Friendship, and Hello goodbye
Nino: Niji, and Gimmick game :D
Jun: La Familia, Stay Gold

13. Fave games played in VS Arashi
Kicking sniper, Korokoro viking, Cliff climb

14) Favorite album?
Are You Happy? and Beatiful World

15. Fave PV
Happiness since it is pure crack lol

16. Do you own an outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?
I have fake jeans my mom gave me and grey parkas from my uni lol

17. Given the chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them individually?
Ohno: please don't forget using sunblock while fishing
Sho: Abang, marry me pleasee!! /run
Aiba: Please tell me how to stay positive in front of people
Nino: Teach me how to enjoy playing games haha
Jun: Thanks for all of your idea for the concerts

18. How will you celebrate the boys’ anniversary this year?
By finishing this questions lol...

and yay finally it is done!!


Otonoha vol 166

Sep. 15th, 2017 07:59 pm
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C'est moi.

Merci d'avoir regardé et participé aux 24H TELEVISION.

C'était une expérience que nous avons tenté avec une composition sans précédent. Je me sentais totalement neuf et frais tandis que je faisais ce que je devais.

Et maintenant, 

des interviews de magazines...
des tournages pour des émissions où j'apparais en tant qu'invité... (Je vais faire beaucoup d'apparitions! Et cela inclut les émissions où les autres membres sont présents aussi !)

Ecrire des raps...

Tournage du clip vidéo...

C'est à ça qu'ont ressemblé mes journées.

"Comme le tournage du drama s'est terminé plus tôt que prévu, je me demande si je vais enfin pouvoir me détendre ?"

C'était ce que je pensais. Stupide moi du passé.

Un drama va être diffusé, alors bien sûr qu'il n'y a pas moyen que je puisse me détendre. Félicitations.

Bien voilà.

Le commentaire final que j'ai fait pour les 24H TELEVISION.

En raison de trop de choses à faire par rapport au temps disponible, j'ai dû adapter le contenu et la longueur, alors je pense que je vais montrer ce premier brouillon que j'avais écrit et l'utiliser en remplacement de la mise à jour de ce mois.

Avant que je ne fasse ma prochaine actualisation, je suppose que le drama aura déjà commencé... ? 

S'il vous plait attendez le avec impatience !

15 Septembre 2017

Sho Sakurai

Ce qui suit est un brouillon de mes remarques

[Reportages] (Brouillon)

J'ai été intéressé en premier par le journalisme à cause des attaques du 11 septembre qui se sont passées aux Etats Unis le 11 septembre 2001.

Qu'est ce qu'il se passe dans le monde et pourquoi ces choses se passent dans le monde.

Je veux le découvrir, et quand je l'ai découvert, je ressens le désir de "rapporter" ces découvertes.
J'ai eu l'opportunité de faire de ce désir une réalité il y a dix ans, en 2006. Et je fais partie d'un programme d'informations depuis l'âge de vingt quatre ans. 
Il y a beaucoup de choses que je suis incapable de transmettre. Je pense qu'il y a un grand nombre de personnes que je ne peux pas atteindre.
C'est ce que je ressens fortement à mesure que les années passent.

Malgré cela, 

Il y a des choses que seul moi peut transmettre.
Il y a des gens que seul moi peut atteindre.

Je fais peut-être des suppositions qui tiennent à de la prétention mais je veux continuer à transmettre ces choses et ces sentiments  que je suis seul capable de transmettre.

Il y a des moments où je suis frappé de désespoir mais,

Savoir peut être le déclencheur
Savoir peut être dissuasif
Savoir peut être l'encouragement
Savoir donne du courage

Et c'est pour cela que je veux continuer d’être journaliste.

Parce que c'est seulement de la connaissance du passé et du présent que pourront germer les graines du futur.

Sho Sakurai

(D'après la traduction anglaise disponible sur le JWEB)
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I'm so blessed that I've got the chance to know this group of five amazing pieces of a rainbow! Thank you very much for giving us fans endless happiness and tears, for showing your very best at everything you do, be it by as a group or individual. Thank you for defining what friendship and passion means. Thank you for helping me understand what it means to be myself. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for all the values and philosophies that you have all shared all these years. Thank you for the fun, sad, happy and crazy moments! Forgive me for face palming most of the time due to your dorky and unusual actions, in and outside the camera xDD. Thank you for showing me that even idols have their imperfections. Thank you for the music, concerts, films, doramas, variety shows, radio shows and various projects that you've shared us. And especially, thank you for being a part of my life.

I have so many things to say, but it will take forever! To this awesome stormy group, ありがとうございます!

For Arashi's 5x18 anniversary, I only wish for the members that their bond grows stronger, more blessings and projects to come in the group and in their way, stay healthy and just stay who you are now. Stay humble, dorky, cool, fun and inspiring as always, guys ^_^.


(no subject)

Sep. 15th, 2017 10:07 pm
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Their anniversary~~ xDD

When i still a kid they have start their journey in as idol... 

Though i only start being their fans last year.. 
I'm happy that i know them in my life... 

Happy birthday arashi~~ 

#056 - Happy 18th Anniversary Arashi

Sep. 15th, 2017 10:21 pm
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Happy Anniversary Arashi! 

I couldnt express my words anymore but I feel thankful meeting this wonderful group. Thanks.

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Hi minna!

Gomen if I wasn't able to post last Sept.13 since my work really calls me..(what?)

Anyway, before I post my three trivia(yes three from day 13 up to now), I just want to greet our boys.


Happy 18th Anniversary! I know you are still confuse with the date, ne? Since you debuted in Hawaii, and that day is tomorrow(haha).

Anyway, as always, we thank you for being our inspiration, for being our source of energy and happiness every time we feeling down. I know that JE already released a statement about the Fan's unethical and unmanageable behavior since Nino got stalk last time as he rode in a train, not only him, but also the rest of you in the past years. In behalf of my fellow fans who did that, we're so sorry. We promised we will behave well and we will still continue to support you in a nice way. Hopefully, my fellow Fan will learned their lesson already because every bad behavior we do reflects on you.

We love you! and Thank you from the buttom of our hearts. =) <3

Filipino Arashian since '07


Now, here's my trivia since Arashi have their new Album this coming October 18:

1. The album title "Popcorn" (2012) came up in a meeting when MatsuJun suggested a "Pop Concert" ans Aiba-san responded "Pop-Con" which they later change it into "Popcorn"

2. Meanwhile, Both "The Digitalian" (2014) and "Japonism" (2015) are Sakurai Sho's ideas. "Digitalian" is a vegetarian alien from Planet Digital.

3. The song "Take Off" for "The Digitalian" was supposed to be a joint writing between Sakurai Sho and another Song-Writer. But Sho got carried away and wrote the whole song, while being half drunk at home.

(source: The Storm x Rainbow x Ridiculousness FB Page)

That all minna! Have a nice weekend!

A few updates

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:29 am
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*deep breaths*
Hello! It's been a while since i last updated my journals.
Been busy with things since i'm a graduating student (i hope i really graduate next year)
It's kinda sad and kinda happy at the same time but that's how life is.
I am excited for my internship in just a few months and hopefully i can earn money that will allow me to save money for myself and to pay back my family.
Hmmm~ I need to go.
Bye bye! ;)

Happy 5 x 18

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:30 am
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It's been a while since I made such a huge group pic in chibi form! And I haven't been drawing lately so I feel quite rusty!! 

But anyway it was a fun process !

Happy 5x18 to my Arashian friends!
Hope these guys continue to make us laugh, cry for joy and for sadness due to empty wallets!


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