Feb. 24th, 2017

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Welcome to Nyoop, a little community that I created to house both my watchlists and translations as it pertains to Johnny's Entertainment groups.

Why is it called Nyoop?
Well...actually I don't have any idea, it just kinda happened that way..

What will I find in Nyoop?

  • Episode lists as well as HQ streaming links. No more more Youtube clips! You can just come here and find full episodes with one click! Hopefully, at least. There's a lot of Johnny's TV shows out there and I doubt I can find every single one.

  • Translations! Which I know most of you came for! I translate because I am studying for the N2 exam at the end of the year. I'm still no where near ready to take that exam though. Which is why I'm doing this in my free time as part of my study.

Can I join Nyoop?
Of course you can! Just hit that Join button and wait for me to approve! That's it! ...for now at least.

Rules of the community

  1. Don't ask me for translations. I'll boot you out of here instantly. It will only be tollerated on translation request posts that I will randomly put up. And even then I can't promise I'll translate it.

  2. Please leave a like or a comment on translations that you read so that I know they're being read. I'm not looking for praise but if they're not being used there's no reason to post them. It's all I'm asking from you after you join. I may or may not start kicking people for inactivity, but I haven't decided on that yet. It really depends on how active people are without the initiative.

And that's about it! I can't think of anything more than that right now. Sidebar will let you know what I'm working on currently, so please have a look!

BTW, if you want random posts
about Johnny's (and Super Junior D:) and translations that I probably won't put up here on this community, you can follow me at my twitter @himurahimeko


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